Pear Your Way! (No Pun Intended)

Posted by Kaje Cooper on

Hello Beauties,  We have all been a victim of having a fantastic piece  of clothing in our mishmash of things that we have NO IDEA how to pair.  We are by no means experts in this category, but in our tiny little heads we consider ourselves “Fashion Conscience Super Extremist” if you will.  When we are out and about and we see that special piece and we are all like, “Hey sexy, you are going home with me today 😉”.  We even start to envision that lone, neglected top or bottom in the  back of our closet that we just know is gonna be🔥 FIRE.  Then “Bam”, we get home and it looks like 💩ish.  We have all been there, Oh the disappointment we feel for our deflated fashion expertise.  So today,  we are gonna offer our opinion on how to pair a few styles at our “Complete the Fit” section.
P.S. Dare to Pair Your Way, Who gives a shhh who doesn't like it!!!